Here are testimonials from some of our great clients who have been incredibly satisfied with our work. Please feel free to contact us for additional references.

It is my pleasure to comment on the talent and character of Lori Hardee and the We Stage Virginia team.  We've been working with them since 2009 and have found that listings staged or consulted on by Lori, consistently sell quicker and for higher prices than those who refused staging.  We love having We Stage Virginia on our Key Vendors List and as one of the top tier services we provide our clients.  They are dependable, punctual, and seriously gifted.  They have become our go-to staging company and are our first call after we sign on new listings.  Five Stars to Lori and her team at We Stage Virginia.

Ann Petree

Ann and Randy Real Estate powered by KW



You did a fantastic job on Ginger Tree!!  Yesterday was the first day that I saw it and boy does it make a difference.  Rhea and I have been doing Open Houses for many, many Sundays and people always love the house but they didn't know how to set up the living room.  We had one guy who came in yesterday who had come in before the staging and said how much more he liked the house now.  He thought we had updated the kitchen!                                                                  

Anyway just wanted to say congratulations, it looked great and you did a great job.

Diana James

Weichert Realtors

My clients have been extremely happy with the results of Lori Hardee, We Stage Virginia home staging services. They especially like the way Lori takes charge of a job and follows through with every last detail.  Frankly, it takes the hassles and headaches out of the start-up phases of the listing process for both the seller and listing agent.   I think of Lori as a special type of person with a great sense of style and spatial relations. With an eye toward keeping costs to a minimum, she and her staff managed to create an aura of what the home could become. The properties Lori has staged for me have sold quickly and easily.   

Michael Jacobs

Associate Broker,  Long and Foster

I didn't know much about staging before we decided to put our townhouse in Reston on the market, but Lori quickly showed me how important it is.  She took our crowded home of four - including two small children - from a disaster to a beautiful showplace in just a couple of visits.  I never knew our house could look so good!  One of the agents who saw the house told our Realtor that it "showed like a dream."  I don't think we could have sold our home so quickly, or got as good a price, without Lori's help.  She made all the difference.

David M.

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Hi Lori,


I just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting my house (or should I say, my former house) look so nice.  It actually looked like one of those mansions in Great Falls!  It sure was a big factor in getting our house sold in less than 10 days, even with a very slow market and a slower time of the year to sell.  You and Cindy sure are a great team!  I never could imagine how I could have made it through selling the house I’ve lived in for almost 22 years.  I just want to tell you, too, that I made sure I used your advice in decorating our home now.  My son, Kyle, said the other night, “Mom, remember what Lori said that your eyes should easily flow around the room!”  We’re still unpacking and walking and tripping over boxes but I will make sure to invite you and Cindy once we’ve got it ready.  No more stairs for my parents to go up to just to get to their room!


Once again, thank you so much, Lori!  I will make sure to recommend you to friends and family for any staging or decorating help they may need!

Charrie P.

Prior to putting a house on the market, we have Lori meet with the sellers.  Even if the home is already in good condition, Lori has a way of working with people that make them feel comfortable when discussing what needs to be changed in order to make their home ready for sale.  Her knack for making disheveled properties look homey and pristine makes our jobs easier, which translates into a faster sale and a higher sales price.

Lex Lianos, Team leader

Lex Lianos & Associates

Lori and her company, We Stage Virginia, is a valuable asset to our real estate team and has really helped contribute to our success.  We highly recommend her expertise to every seller with whom we work.  

Lori....the place looks AMAZING!!! Thank you so much! It looks so nice makes me want to move back and live there.

I love working with Lori! She makes my job so much easier!  Every single one of my clients that has used Lori’s services has been amazed at how nice the home looked.  Lori has a special knack and a terrific eye for pulling things together.   From choosing paint colors to staging the home Lori is there to help the Seller get the most for their money.  I’m proud to post the photos on the web when she is finished!

Cindy Dwyer

Weichert Realtors

I wanted to write to tell you what a great job you did in staging Shipley Ct. It was attractive, up to date and very inviting! It makes such a difference in a vacant house to have it staged. I held an OPEN house the first weekend it was on the market and had 16 different groups of people through. Practically everyone said they had seen it on the internet and how great it looked so they came out to see it in person. And best of all, the house was under contract in 3 days.


I definitely will recommend you to my Sellers in the future.

Susan Pearl

Weichert Realtors

Lori Hardee plays a key role in the preparation of my listings for the market.  In fact, a visit with Lori is typically the first step.   She has a unique way with people and is able to make the staging process a pleasure.  Even clients who have a lot of work to do before hitting the market seem to tolerate the hard work better when it is presented and helped along by Lori.

Pat Stack

Hi Lori,


I just wanted to thank you and your team for doing such a FANTASTIC job at the client's house today!  It looks BEAUTIFUL. You really outdid yourself with the bar downstairs too!


Thanks, again!

Karen Graves

Weichert Realtors

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