With each of these services we keep you, our client, in mind.  We will personalize these services to meet your needs.  Our goal is to maximize the presentation of your property and to ensure it quickly sells for all its value.


Presentation is the key when selling your home and our range of services will help make that eye-catching difference that sells your house. Selling is all about merchandising. Therefore, home presentation is merchandising to sell your home.

Vacant Staging
Our goal is to set your home apart from others on the market.  We will make the home appeal to a broad range of buyers by neutralizing its look and creating a great first impression. Placement of furniture, accessories and art are considered. Furnishings may be updated or removed to improve your home’s showing and marketing potential.


Written Report Consultation
This consultation is provided if you wish to prepare your property yourself but you are in need of some professional advice on where to start. We will visit  your home and prepare a report outlining everything that we advise to change in order to make your home more marketable.
Walk And Talk Consultation

​ An in-person, on-site consultation is provided to establish a plan.  We will assess your home’s marketability to determine how to best showcase its strengths. Suggestions for decor changes such as furniture arrangement, paint colors, and possible upgrades will be made.  You are welcome to take notes.

Accessorize, Re-arrange, Transform
We will transform the empty space into an inviting atmosphere playing on your home’s unique personality. Furnishings are hand selected and displayed with an artful touch to appeal to the target market as well as a broad spectrum of buyers.